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Firm: Hester Schem Hester & Dionisio
Location: Oklahoma City - OK

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Jon L. Hester is the head of the firm. He limits his practice to family law and is heavily concentrated in litigation involving business and professional practice valuations and alimony issues. Admitted to practice in 1973, he was engaged in general practice at the firm of Hamilton and Lambert until his appointment to the Judiciary in 1976. In 1982 after his term on the bench he went into private practice. In 2014, he was part of the wife’s trial team in the celebrated case of Hamm v. Hamm in which he was responsible for conducting the examinations of Mr. Hamm and many of the directors and top executives of Continental Resources.

Hester Schem Hester & Dionisio

Hester Schem Hester & Dionisio is an Oklahoma City law firm that limits the practice to Family Law. Our attorneys Jon Hester, Charles Schem, Scott Hester,Kara Didier and Monica Dionisio, as well as our dedicated staff, are sensitive to the needs of those experiencing family problems. Our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients through negotiation, mediation and, when necessary, litigation.

Legal services include divorce, domestic violence, injunctions, child support, custody and visitation, paternity determinations, prenuptial agreements, and guardianship of adults and children. The attorneys of Hester Schem Hester & Dionisio are licensed to practice throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Hester Schem Hester & Dionisio has the expertise and knowledge to maneuver through even the most complicated cases. We are able to help clients with a number of diverse legal family issues in the following areas:

These cases frequently address issues regarding equitable distribution of property, alimony, shared or sole parental responsibility, child custody, child support, visitation, relocation of residency out-of-state, and attorney fees and costs associated with the litigation. Our firm has access to experts in the field of tax who advice clients on the tax implications of family law related legal matters, such as divorce.

Post Divorce Modification
In these cases, clients seek to change their divorce terms because there has been a substantial change of circumstances since the date of their divorce or last modification.

Domestic Violence Injunctions
At our firm, we take domestic violence issues very seriously. There are injunctions prohibiting acts of domestic violence that are available to protect victims from further acts of domestic violence. We strongly support the goal of zero tolerance of domestic violence.

Child Support
We assist clients in determining the amount of child support that may become due and owing as a result of a divorce or other family law actions. We can also assist with modifications to the child support agreement settled on by both parties or child support order already entered by the Court.

Custody and Visitation
We can help with changes in either the custody or visitation rights involved with your children. Our firm can also help modify the terms of custody and visitation that were agreed upon by both parties involved or ordered by the Court.

Prenuptial Agreements
Our firm handles prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements involve people who are not yet married and wish to resolve all financial issues that may arise in the unlikely event of a future divorce.